What’s Next? I Just Received My First Reusable Nappy.

What’s Next? I Just Received My First Reusable Nappy.

Switching to reusable nappies isn’t hard - it’s just different from using disposable nappies. There are just a few terms and habits parents need to get a hang with. But because of the promising benefits in terms of savings, comfort, and its care for the planet - mums everywhere are now making the eco-friendlier switch. 

First things first…

Sometimes the biggest challenge is choosing which product you want to try first. Starting with one set of reusable nappies is often the best way. From there, you can discover what products suit your baby well and eventually be thankful you made the right decision.

Rudie Baby’s reusable nappies are made with an inner layer of suede fast dry cloth and outer layer of waterproof printed PUL. They also come with reusable inserts that boost protection and absorption to meet your baby’s needs.

I just received my first nappy. What’s next?

We suggest washing your nappies first. It removes unwanted residues, plus natural fibers get more absorbent as they get more washes. This helps build up the nappy’ absorption level to the max. 

Before drying, it is important that you stretch the nappy first. Natural fibers are vulnerable to slight shrinkage, stretching allows your nappy to remain in its best shape for a long time.

Drying in direct sunlight is the best choice for your nappy! It’s a natural detergent and will always be free. But if the sun is not around, a tumble dryer is your next choice. 

For a complete guide on how to wash your nappies after use, click here.

Finding the perfect fit…

Most reusable nappies are made adjustable to fit a newborn (or close to one) and until your child is ready for toilet training, so finding the perfect fit is as easy as a snap. 

Sizing your Pocket Nappies

   Adjust the leg elastics:

   For a larger size, there is no need to snap any buttons.

   For a medium size, snap to the middle button.

   For a smaller size, snap to the top button.

   If you are using a small or medium size, ensure to properly tuck in the extra layer for your baby’s comfort.

Need to know more about sizing your nappies? Continue reading here.

Once you get comfortable with reusable nappies, you can now start building up your own nappy ‘stash’. Of course, it depends on how many nappies your child needs. A complete guide is found here.
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