Finding the Perfect Fit Using an Adjustable Nappy

We weren’t kidding when we said our size adjustable nappies can fit different sizes of baby bums - from newborns to toddlers, expanding even for brave kiddos preparing for their potty training. The catch? Finding the perfect fit happens in just a few snaps!

Sizing your Pocket Nappies

Adjust the leg elastics:

For a larger size, there is no need to snap any buttons.

For a medium size, snap to the middle button.

For a smaller size, snap to the top button.

If you are using a small or medium size, ensure to properly tuck in the extra layer for your baby’s comfort.

Adjust the waist elastics:

For a larger size, snap to the buttons on the edge of the nappy.

For a smaller size, snap to the buttons on the middle of the nappy. Having overlaps can help you fit nappies for newborns.

Introducing Inserts

Your choice of nappy inserts depends on the appropriate absorption level. 

Using only one insert is good for newborns and for light flow use.

Using two inserts works for heavy flow use.

Using three inserts keeps your baby's bum dry through nighttime. It’s perfect for heavy wetters, too.

Belly button check! 

When uncertain whether you really found the perfect fit or not, make it a habit to do the belly button check! Remember, the top of your diaper should be at or no more than one inch below the baby’s belly button. It's a simple parent trick to sizing diapers the right way.