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Extra layers for extra care.

Our nappy inserts are made from multiple layers of microfiber for faster absorption and more convenient use. It’s the perfect match for our reusable nappies as you can easily slide it inside the pockets. Once in, your nappies are ready to provide the best protection, now with extra care.

Your best companion for long nights and road trips.

With the extra protection, your baby can enjoy a good night’s delight and wake up to a wonderful morning. It’s comfortable and breathable design helps your baby recharge comfortably for the next day.

Plus! It’s the perfect buddy for long drives for a family that’s always on the go. No need for the extra stop-overs and reach your holiday destination with ease.

It’s reusable, too!

Our nappy inserts are machine washable and dryable - making it very easy to clean for the next use.

  1. Spread the diaper flat as you store it for better results.
  2. Try not to squeeze the inserts as you put it in the nappy’s pocket. Stretch your hand after stuffing to adjust for the best condition.
  3. Make sure there are no folds!


35cm x 13.5cm

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Product Size & Material

Size: 35cm x 13.5cm

Our Inserts are thoughtfully made from high-quality microfiber materials that are gentle and non-irritating, providing the utmost comfort with every wear.

Our Technology

Our Inserts are crafted from multiple layers of premium microfiber, providing lightning-fast absorption to keep your baby dry and comfortable.

Designed to complement our Training Nappies, these inserts fit perfectly inside the pockets, making diaper assembly easy. Slide them in, and your reusable nappies are primed to deliver top-notch protection with an extra layer of care.

Rest easy knowing your baby will experience uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

At Rudie Baby, we take pride in offering eco-friendly solutions for modern parents. Our nappy inserts are reusable, machine washable, and dryable, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Reduce waste and make a positive impact on the planet without compromising on performance.

How to use

To ensure optimal performance and comfort, follow these easy steps when using our Inserts:

  1. Store Flat for Better Results: After use, spread the diaper flat before storing it. This practice maintains the inserts' integrity and maximizes their effectiveness for the next use.
  2. Gentle Stuffing: Avoid squeezing the inserts while inserting them into the nappy's pocket. Instead, gently slide them in to preserve their structure and ensure optimal absorption.
  3. Adjust for the Best Fit: Stretch your hand inside the nappy's pocket after stuffing to adjust the inserts for the best fit. This helps create a snug and leak-resistant seal for added comfort.
  4. Smooth Out Folds: Ensure there are no folds in the inserts as they may hinder their performance. Smooth out any wrinkles to guarantee maximum absorbency and protection.

The Rudie Baby Inserts are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Follow these guidelines to make the most of your inserts and provide your little one with the care they deserve, all while contributing to a greener world.

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Did you know that a baby will have to go through at least 5,000 disposable nappies before undergoing potty training?

According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency, disposable nappies are responsible for 7% of non-durable household waste in landfills. Fortunately, we finally have something that can solve this problem.

The latest technology brings comfort and green together.

Made with eco-friendly materials of premium quality, Rudie Baby products are here to give your child the optimum care they deserve and help you achieve the most pleasant parenting experience.

Engineered with nano fibers, our reusable nappies provides the excellent protection that your child needs from any unwanted substances. Not to mention, they’re BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemical coming your child’s way.


As an eco-friendly brand, our core value is to promote sustainable practices including using eco-friendly materials, minimising waste, and reducing carbon emissions.

Happiness first

Health and wellbeing of our mums and bubs is at the top of our list! We make it our mission to create designs that are not only safe and free from harmful chemicals, but also comfortable and convenient to use.


We believe that all parents should have access to high-quality, eco-friendly nappies, regardless of their budget or location and are committed to making their products affordable and widely available.

Our promise

Above all else, we want to stay ransparent and honest in everything we do. We believe in sharing information about our materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact with our like-minded community


Above all else, we want to stay ransparent and honest in everything we do. We believe in sharing information about our materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact with our like-minded community

Our 60-Day Risk-Free Trial

When it’s your first time making the switch, we understand that the process can be quite daunting. There are plenty of factors to consider (more so that it’s online purchase), and it might not even be the right product for your little one—we get it, it happens. Hence, we came up with a 60-Day Risk-Free Trial for our first-time customers, in which you try out one of our products to see if it suits you or not. Within 60 days after your order has been delivered, you are allowed to try one garment, and should you not like how it functions, we will happily refund the purchased product, excluding the shipping costs. No sweat!