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Rudie Baby is literally the answer to all my prayers. Where else can I find a brand that gives my child the comfort she deserves and help me save money AND the planet at the same time? Nowhere else, truly. You have my 100% love and support, guys!

Lilly Murphy

I've been wanting to gift my younger sister with baby essentials since she gave birth to her first child, but I honestly had nowhere to start. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Rudie Baby. An absolute life-saver! Eco-friendly and incredibly comfortable baby products? Count me in! I can't wait to show everything I've bought to my sister!

Hannah Smith

I'm just so glad that Rudie Baby exists. As a first-time mom, I'm having quite the doubts on everything that I have to purchase for my child. But with this shop, I can actually feel that there is no need for me to worry. You can surely expect me to buy everything they have.

Bonnie Bergen